We’re Starving After Our Workouts, Too

Ever finish a class at Mixx Yoga and suddenly want to eat everything in sight? Yup. That’s your body craving to get back all the energy you burned getting your butt kicked.

The problem is, if you’re not smart about how you refuel after working out, you might actually work against yourself and the 60minutes of HIIT you just did.

We have some tips for your post-work out meals.

If you’re trying to lose weight by suddenly taking more Mixx classes than you usually do, you’re going to inhale the first thing you see – because when you decide you want food, you want it NOW! Maybe it’s the packaged-by-the-devil bag of Hot Cheetos next to your bed from last night’s Scandal and chips binge. Oops. We know. We were snacking and watching too.



Our suggestion? Two words. Chocolate. Milk. Preferably dark chocolate. Or if you’re all about the health life, blend a shake with milk and berries or a banana. This is Mitra’s favorite. 


If you’re trying to get “ripped” or “jacked” or any other word for beefing up to-the-max, you’ll need the right kind of sustenance particular to building muscle effectively. Otherwise you’re just eating filler food.

Our suggestion? Some salmon with spinach and brown rice. There’s a reason Popeye got super strong after eating spinach!



If you’re just trying to satiate that hunger after you exercise, you still need to consider how much energy you exerted in class and then eat enough to offset it. Otherwise, you’ll probably feel lightheaded and have low stamina. Not safe.

Our suggestion? To keep from feeling like a wilted flower after your Mixx class, try some steel-cut oatmeal (not instant), and throw in a banana. Simple.



Now that you’re smarter, you can work out harder. With these tips, you won’t pass out!


Brooke Lark

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