Summer Sizzle Challenge

What is the “Challenge”?
Simple! Challenge yourself to take 40 classes in the span of two months. Don’t worry! It’s totally doable.

Does every class have to be a “Mixx” style class (i.e., the cardio classes)?
No! In fact, we encourage a variety of classes to add up to your total 40. Burn calories with the Mixx classes, but sizzle your stress with restorative ones!

Is there a “grand prize” when I make it to 40 classes?
Of course! To celebrate your success we’re throwing a summer party at the studio!!!

When does the challenge start?
It kicks off on Monday, July 18th and ends on Friday, August 10th.

When is the party?!
Saturday, August 11th

I’m on vacation for a week during that period. Can I still participate?
You can IF you think you can still make the 40 classes happen! If you’re out for a week, it is likely you can make up those classes during the rest of the two months. (If you’re gone for 2-3 full weeks, however, probably not.)

How do I stay motivated?
(Ooh, this one is a two-part answer!)
A.1. First, you’ll be featured on a chalkboard wall at the studio not so that you can count your classes (we’ll do that for you!) but so that you can walk in and see that you’re a part of this thing!

A.2. Drumroll… We will have 4 mini-challenges to keep you motivated during the two month period! Our classes will focus on preparing you for each of these the week before, and then we will hold friendly competitions to use your strength! Of course, mini challenges warrant prizes too ;]

Is there a fee to participate?
For Mixx members, nope! It’s free. In fact, if you have a non-member friend you want to join you, you’ll receive 50% off a month of membership for each friend you bring to this challenge! (Ex: if you bring three friends with you, your next three months of membership will stay at 50% off! No limit to how many friends you can bring!)

What is the fee for new members?
The first month of the challenge is only $49, and the second is $99 (our standard monthly unlimited rate on auto-renew). Two-month commitment. No extra fees here.

When exactly will the new members be charged?
The new members will be charged $49 on the day they sign up (this will hold their spot), and $99 on July 15th for the second half of the challenge.

OK, I’m a Mixx Member, and I’m in. How do I let you know?
Shoot us an email at, and we’ll follow up with you directly!

I’m not a Mixx member, but I am in! How do I sign up?
Click here to sign up, and we’ll follow up with you directly!

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