Today I felt like celebrating snacks, so I asked my fellow instructors what they love to eat when they’ve got the munchies.

Turns out, we have a taste for the good, the bad, and the weird.

Just a random “SnackChat”



Jasmine: Hey everyone! I’m doing an “instructor favorites” blog. Can you help me out? Here’s the Q: What is your favorite guilty pleasure snack?

All chips. Every chip. But I ain’t feelin’ no guilt about it.

Jamie: I have a chili mango addiction…. Also In-n-Out fries…is that a snack when you order 2 at a time?

Molly: Movie theater popcorn with m&ms mixed in.

Jasmine: Omg popcorn and peanut m&ms are my movie theater jam!

Molly: Yes!! Sometimes I’ll do raisinettes or those buncha crunch things to mix it up, but m&ms are my go-to.

Jasmine: Gotta say tho… Hot Cheetos por vidaaa.

Molly: I love the jalapeño hot cheetos!! Those are my fave.

Meghan: I gotta step up my snack game apparently. I just eat ice cream (nutella chip from Strickland’s is the besttt).

Emily: Mine is flaming hot Cheetos and cream cheese or potato chips and ketchup.

Molly: Mmmmm Strickland’s. And gross Emily!! ?

Emily: How is any of that gross????

Molly: Hot Cheetos and cream cheese??? But maybe that’s just bc I loathe cream cheese ?

Jasmine: Sometimes I’ll put hot cheetos in my peanut butter sandwich. #porvida



Lol was that weird? Good! Next time we see you, don’t be afraid to chat us up about our favorite things.

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