Movies Mixx Instructors Can’t Stop Watching

A few instructors and I were talking about our recent Mixx Movie Day and things got really exciting, really fast.

You know how it is — when someone brings up a movie you really like, you get that jump in your stomach like:

Then we thought — can you, our dear Mixx yogis, relate to what our favorite flicks are?

Check it out:

Tess: Clueless – “It’s disguised genius. It’s witty but dressed up as coming from someone superficial, but actually has a lot of substance. And the fashion. Can’t forget the fashion.”

Paulina: 10 Things I Hate About You – “Because the soundtrack is fire. Also, Julia Stiles is such a badass in it!”

Jasmine: The Fifth Element – “I mean, it’s a space opera about the end of the world and it’s actually good. It’s so colorful and zany, has great actors, and the costuming is amazing — it was done by Jean-Paul Gaultier!”

Sahara: Hocus Pocus – “Can’t go wrong with nostalgic Disney spooks. And I cry at the end every. damn. time.”

Emily: Jules et Jim – “[It’s] beautiful, but talks about a crazy story of friendship and lovers and how three people try to work life out….It has influenced so many films. The movie is so weird and I love that it doesn’t have a traditional ‘Hollywood’ ending.”

Meghan: Bridesmaids: “I can watch it a million times and still die laughing.”

Jamie: Inception: “Because I find anything dream related fascinating. Also the movie explores the subconscious in an exciting and imaginative way! I want to watch it right now…”

Be right back – we gotta go microwave some popcorn!

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