Mature Warrior Workshop: Building Strength Into Your Practice


This workshop is tailored to our “mature” yogis, age 50+, but all are welcome! We will highlight ways to expand from a “gentle” practice into stronger postures. Move at your own speed, ask questions, and meet new friends!


  • If you’re brand new to yoga, you’ll learn the most common poses featured in most yoga classes.
  • If you’re a regular practitioner of Gentle Yoga, you’ll recognize a lot of the poses, but you’ll have a chance to explore some that don’t always show up in a Gentle Class, and of course, find out how you can make even the gentlest poses powerful.
  • If you already practice regularly, you’ll find out how you can power up almost every single pose to take your regular practice up a notch.
  • If you’re an experienced yogi, you’ll have a chance to work on alignment and refinement of poses – which makes every practice stronger.

Saturday, August 10th, 1:30 PM — 3:30 PM

Bring a yoga mat and wear work out clothes. Space is limited.
Refreshments provided.

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