Do You Know How Much This Yoga Instructor Loves Halloween?

Yoga isn’t her only passion.

Sahara is one of our more well-known instructors with a deep passion for all things spooky. For this October’s Spotlight, we pick her brain about teaching and her favorite holiday.

How long have you been practicing yoga?

I took my first class when I was 14, but I didn’t start consistently practicing until I got to college. So it’s been about 6 years.

How long have you been teaching yoga?

I’ve been teaching for just over 3 years now. I finished my training in the studio before there were any hardwood floors installed!

What’s the best part about being a yogi (in practice or as a teacher)? 

That is a killer question. I think of my personal practice and my teaching very differently. What I love most about practicing as a student is that you’ve got the chance to appreciate all of what you are–from the most fundamental mechanisms of your brain and body, to the complexity of your role in the current world around you. It’s intriguing and frustrating and empowering–and I love that.

Teaching yoga is way I can effect change in someone’s life in a positive way in a matter of minutes. It’s hands-on and it’s personal and it takes everything I’ve learned academically and puts it toward making a difference. I am eager to ask about injuries in our students because it’s like a puzzle. I can listen to which pieces hurt, so that I can focus on other pieces of the puzzle until the whole thing is strong and complete again. To see students with injuries reclaim their physicality, to watch student surprise themselves with their ability, and to feel students relax in a class– those are the best parts of teaching.

How did Halloween become your favorite holiday? 

Since I was a kid, my family has always put on a good Halloween. It was a second Christmas for us, I think. Imagine opening presents on Christmas morning, but replace presents with hollowed-out pumpkins, and replace discarded wrapping paper with stringy, orange guts. The togetherness made me happy and our traditions are still strong to this day!

What do you do to celebrate this spooky time of year? (aka how cray do you get lol!) 

Ahh, the must-do things include watching the mile-long list of horror movies I’ve compiled over the years, carving pumpkins, and putting up so many strands of Halloween lights that our neighbors’ back yards are bathed in orange. I tend to throw a party or two (or three) in which there may or may not be dry ice bubbling, eyeballs floating in cocktails, and a strobe light… The fog machine tends to upset the neighbors, so I think I’ll stick to the basics this year.

How psyched are you for Halloween Flow? 

Ok, enough with the seriousness– I am PSYCHED, but this year I am passing the baton! Tess will be guiding our ghouls through a spooky flow this year! I will make sure the studio gets a dash of Halloween spirit for her class ?




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