Inversions Don’t Have to be Scary

When you think of “inversions,” you might envision Instagram yogis doing fancy handstands that look cool. But they may also look like a trip to the doctor’s office if you actually tried them yourself.

But handstands, shoulder-stands, and any other “-stands” aren’t the only inversions that exist. There are plenty of poses you probably already do that count as inversions.

That’s because “inverting” just means you’re bringing your head below your heart. So, technically, Downward Facing Dog is an inversion.


Likewise, a simple Standing Forward Bend can have the same effect (that’s why we tell you to lift halfway before coming out of a forward fold — we don’t want the blood rushing back too quickly!).

But one of our favorite gentle inversions is the restorative and oh-so-delicious Legs-Up-the-Wall (LUTW) pose.

Like all inversions, Legs-Up-the-Wall will help:

  • Reverse blood flow
  • Regain energy
  • Replenish brain’s oxygen supply

But sometimes getting your bum perfectly against the wall can be harder than it looks. So we’ve got some tips.

  • Sit sideways against the wall so your hip is pressed right against it.
  • Swing sideways to lay on your back as your legs go up against the wall.
  • If you feel like you still need to close that gap, use your hands to pick up your hips to bring them closer to the wall.

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