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Mixx Yoga

Our signature class – a modern twist on yoga. From warriors to jump squats, find yourself in a unique experience of interval training with fun instructors, dynamic music, and lots of options for modifying to fit your comfort and fitness level.
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Vinyasa Flow

Want to skip the cardio in our signature mixx classes? No problem! Flow through traditional yoga poses synchronizing your breath with every movement.
All levels welcome.
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Cardio Sculpt

Ready to sweat? This class will get your heart pumping with yoga-inspired strength moves to tighten and tone in all the right places. Your instructor may incorporate weights, bands, straps, or blocks… or all of the above! Nothing like an intense workout to really make you appreciate that end-of-class Savasana-aahhh.
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Gentle Yoga

The slow, deep movements in these classes target flexibility and cultivate mindfulness. This style is perfect for tight bodies and stressed minds – all fitness levels can benefit from these stretch-focused classes. Our Extra Gentle class moves at an even more relaxed pace, spending more time in each position as the body loosens and lengthens.
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