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Yoga is an ancient practice with health benefits backed by modern science. We respect the cultural and historical roots of yoga while emphasizing contemporary knowledge of physiology, anatomy, and neuroscience. Not many instructor training programs emphasize the importance of science as we do, but at our studio, this is the main focus. In fact our program was developed by our founder and CEO, Dr. Mitra Hooshmand, a neuroscientist and UCLA biology professor.

How Are We Different?

We’re Science Nerds.
We believe an understanding of anatomy and physiology is absolutely imperative to a sound personal practice, and therefore crucial to effectively guiding others. To that end, we will spend a lot of time going over the “science” of yoga – the brain-body connection, proper alignment, safe adjustments, and modifications.
We’ll Give You Actual Teaching Experience: 50 practice hours.
Many new instructors find themselves with a certification but no experience in front of actual students! Not in our program. We make sure you graduate feeling well-prepared with 50 practice teaching hours under your belt.
We Keep Inclusivity In Mind.
We make sure our instructors are sensitive to people from all walks of life. All body types. All backgrounds. All levels. While we love and respect the roots of yoga, we emphasis the health benefits as opposed to spiritual aspects so that everyone feels welcome!
We Bring Yoga to Our Community.
We believe yoga should be accessible to all people. We also know there is a strong and powerful world of yogis that makes for an amazing support network. To that end, we require our teachers to get out into the community, practicing and teaching at other studios.

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What People Say

“When I finished training, I had a greater understanding of the physiological processes affected and enhanced by yoga, a new group of talented and inspiring women in my fellow cohort-mates, and a newfound appreciation for every yoga teacher and the heart and dedication that goes into preparing and teaching classes. Life: changed. For nearly three months, I spent every Sunday at Mixx, absorbing everything I possibly could from my classmates and our expert instructor, Mitra, getting to know my strengths and weaknesses as a yogi, a student, a potential teacher, and a human being. It was one of the best investments of both time and money I have ever made.”

– Molly C.