It Feels Good to be Bad

Nutrition is an attitude.

I’m about to talk to you about nutrition, and I’m eating from a large bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos as I write this (no, really – I haven’t had lunch yet).

But do I feel guilty?


That’s because I know myself. If I constantly deny my cravings, I’m going to binge like I’ll never see Hot Cheetos again. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

It’s all about moderation. And attitude.

Strict weight loss diets make people miserable and cultivate unhealthy relationships with food.

At Mixx, we are big believers in the following:

1. Prime yourself. Before you eat, tell yourself that fist-sized batch of fries is already enough – because it is. I mean, think about how small your stomach organ is. You don’t need to pack more in there than you can handle.
2. Eat half a portion of what you intend. Then move on. You’ve had your taste, now you’re over it.
3. Drink water with your meal. We tend to mistake thirst for hunger. Plus, more water in your belly means less room to overindulge.
4. Don’t make it such a big deal. It’s like making candy a big no-no to kids; the more “evil” you make sugar and carbs out to be, the more you’re going to want it.

So go on, have that burger or donut, just don’t make it a regular habit — and stop eating when you’re full! It’s not like you can’t “yoga” it off or anything.



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