Coffee Health Trends for the Fit at Heart

In celebration of an upcoming National Coffee Day on September 29, I’m moving past the confusing debate over whether or not coffee is actually good for us and instead counting the ways us hopeless coffee drinkers can maybe tweak it for our health.

Did You Know?

Coffee can potentially improve your workout. Yup. At least that’s the position the International Society of Sports Nutrition has taken.

Their study has found that caffeine improves performance when consumed in low to moderate amounts (about 3-6 mg/kg). But, sorry coffee freaks, any more than that and you won’t see much improvement beyond that dosage.

Also, caffeine enhances stamina in more endurance-based activities and high-intensity exercise — perfect for, say, a Mixx Yoga Level ½ class?

You can read the full study here.

Trendy Twists on Coffee

Since having coffee is a daily ritual for a lot of people, it makes sense that it has become the playground for healthy supplemental innovations.

Mushroom Coffee

Take mushroom coffee, for example, which blends coffee grounds with medicinal mushrooms that might help improve energy levels, focus, and metabolism. It looks and tastes like coffee, plus you can drink it hot or iced, with or without creamer, the whole nine yards.

Golden Lattes

Now how do you feel about turmeric in your latte? Known as a Golden Latte, it blends the powerfully anti-inflammatory turmeric spice with our best friend caffeine to make a wonderfully yellow – I’m sorry – golden version of your basic latte.

It’s based off of the ayurvedic tradition (another branch of yoga) of Golden Milk, which is warm milk with turmeric, typically had before bed to calm and heal your system. Except these latte versions wake you up!


Of course, if these seem too trendy for you, you can always use a simple sugar substitute for you coffee like stevia, which is plant-based, super sweet, doesn’t add calories, and won’t spike your blood sugar levels.

Let me know if you try any of these next time you see me at Mixx!

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