We aim to raise the standard for teacher training programs through science.

Not many teacher training programs emphasize the importance of science, but at our studio, that is the focus. Dr. Mitra Hooshmand, the founder and CEO of Mixx Yoga, a seasoned yoga instructor, and a stem cell biology professor at UCLA, will teach you the above and beyond of yoga and the science behind it and prepares you to be a confident and competent yoga instructor. (The space for this program is limited.)

Science is at our core. Yoga is an ancient practice with scientific backing. We respect the cultural and historical roots of yoga while intertwining contemporary scientific research and methodology.

Learn how to teach. We emphasize understanding of how our students learn and how we respond to their needs. Beyond understanding the body and the practice, we explore how to understand people.

Learn the sensitivity of interacting and guiding a diverse group of students. These lessons go beyond the mat and the studio to build a more empathetic understanding of the world.

What People Say

“When I finished training, I had a greater understanding of the physiological processes affected and enhanced by yoga, a new group of talented and inspiring women in my fellow cohort-mates, and a newfound appreciation for every yoga teacher and the heart and dedication that goes into preparing and teaching classes. Life: changed. For nearly three months, I spent every Sunday at Mixx, absorbing everything I possibly could from my classmates and our expert instructor, Mitra, getting to know my strengths and weaknesses as a yogi, a student, a potential teacher, and a human being. It was one of the best investments of both time and money I have ever made.”

– Molly C.