Hi! My name is Mitra Hooshmand and I am a neuroscientist, public speaker, entrepreneur, and educator. I am passionate about science, advocacy, health, leadership, and importantly, empowering others.

I got my PhD in Neurobiology from UC Irvine and conducted extensive research there for over a decade in the area of spinal cord injury to find a treatment for paralysis. To date, my work has resulted in over 15 peer-reviewed publications in reputable scientific journals and books.

Currently, I serve as the Director of Scientific Programs at Americans for Cures, a non-profit organization with the mission to educate and raise public awareness about the potential of stem cells to treat diseases. On the side, I also teach Human Stem Cells & Medicine at UCLA.

I turned my passion for fitness into a profession by starting Mixx Yoga where I train yoga instructors and teach my unique method that combines Vinyasa flow yoga with cardio.

Today, I share my experiences and struggles with anyone who wants to feel empowered. From science to fitness and nutrition, from mindfulness to entrepreneurship and management, if it falls in my life sphere, I’ll talk about it. Let’s connect and #empower each other.