3 Tips On How to Get Into Your Deepest Yogi Squat

Recently, one of my students asked me what they can do to get their heels down to the floor in Garland pose (Malasana), and I thought I’d share it with the Mixx community so everyone can benefit from these tips.

Garland pose is a deep squat where your glutes almost touch the ground while your heels ideally stay all the way down to the floor. I see many of my students struggle with keeping their heels down and practice this pose balancing on the balls of their feet.


If you find yourself struggling, here are 3 ways you can improve your Malasana.


1. Pedal your feet in Downward Facing Dog.

Bend into one knee and then the other so the heels move up and down off the mat. This helps stretch the calves and improve ankle flexion required in Malasana. Anytime you find yourself in Down Dog, play around with pedaling.


2. Bring heel down in 3 Legged Down Dog

When in 3 Legged Down Dog, take time to bring the heel of your standing leg down toward the ground. The added weight and stretch of one leg in the air intensifies the stretch all along the hamstring, but more importantly for Malasana, it also stretches the calves.


3. Use a block (or two) in Garland pose.

This modification is often used to sit on as you work on your Malasana to take away your need for balance as you practice the calf stretch and ankle flexion.


There you have it. Try these out and let me know how it goes!

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