Our founder, Dr. Mitra Hooshmand, embodies empowerment, both literally and figuratively! A former competitive swimmer, she earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UC Irvine, where she continues to passionately research a cure for paralysis. It was in 2012, however, when Mitra took her biggest leap of faith – starting her Mixx Yoga journey. Obsessed with the practice of yoga, Mitra combined her scientific training with her athletic experience to create a workout that would challenge the body and push the mind to its highest potential. Her goal: to inspire others to live empowered.

Mitra was later joined by four amazing and equally empowering women, each of whom believe in the power of Mixx to change lives. They are Priya Gohil, Sholeh Forouzan, Kalila Magbanua-Stein, and Sahara George. Together with Mitra Hooshmand, these women serve as the Mixx Yoga executive board. At your service!

At Mixx Yoga, we believe that an ancient practice can be modern. With us, you will always have a mat with your name on it. Our instructors take what they do seriously without taking themselves seriously. We transform your yoga experience by creating a dynamic and unique atmosphere, fusing vinyasa flow with HIIT cardio and plyometrics. We move every day to inspire you to live empowered on and off your mat.


2012 Mixx was created by Mitra for Mitra: She needed to squeeze in her love for yoga with her obsession with an intense cardio sweat session all into one hour

2012 Mixx was taught in Mitra’s research building at UCI, free of charge

2013 The first study on Mixx was completed. Results were shocking. We had evidence that Mixx works!

2013 Mixx was added as a new class at the UCI athletic center


2014 CrossFit boxes across the LA and OC counties wanted some of the Mixx love


2013 Our first instructor training program started

2014 Mixx Yoga’s first studio opened in Newport Beach, CA