Our Mantra

At Mixx Yoga, we believe an ancient practice can be modern. We create a dynamic and constantly evolving fusion of yoga with HIIT cardio and plyometrics. Then we work together as you reach your fitness “aha!” moment.

How it Works

Spend 60 minutes with us and we’ll give those 60 minutes right back to you in the form of yoga asanas to stretch you in all the right places, adrenaline soaring cardio rounds, and soothing relaxation. Allow your intentions to be stronger than your excuses: Your body, mind and spirit deserve your effort. Take the first step onto your mat and step off a different person.

Why Mixx Yoga?

We are misFITs of yoga. We inspire empowerment on and off the mat and do this in an untraditional way. We check our egos at the door; We turn up the music and turn down the stress. We step onto our mats. We jump, we hold, we balance, and float. And when we fall, which we inevitably do, we only see one option: to stand back up.