What do you mean by cardio + yoga?

We take a traditional yoga class and mixx in HIIT (high intensity) cardio. Depending on the level you take, this means we may guide you from downdogs to mountain climbers, from warriors to football drills, or arm balances to burpees! This is interval training and stretching at it’s finest.

What if I don’t want to do cardio?

No problem! Pick a Gentle class if you’re looking for a slow, deep stretch (great for beginners!), or try out a traditional Vinyasa class for a fluidly moving flow.

I don’t really know my schedule. Do I need to sign up for a class in advance?

It helps us out a lot when clients sign up ahead of time, because as we get to know you we can make sure to have modifications ready for your particular body! But no, we won’t turn you away unless the class is at capacity (18).

Can I just try a class before committing to a package?

YES! The New Student Special is two weeks of unlimited classes for $35. (Psst: head over to Yelp or Facebook for an even bigger discount!)

How much does a class or membership cost?

Here is our pricing page.

Do you have showers?

No showers in the Newport Beach studio. We do have makeup removers and spray deodorants for you, though!

Is the room hot?

Our classes bring the heat, but we like to turn on the AC.

Is it only for ladies?

Absolutely NOT! We have many men who can tell you that our classes are all the workout any gender needs for a day.

Do I need to buy a package for one type of class or I can mix and match?

Any package applies to any and all classes – we want you to “mixx it up” anyway you want!