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There Are No Trophies in Yoga

Except for a clear mind, sense of worth, and toned bod 😉

What I love about yoga is how non-competitive it is. The only person I’m really competing against is myself.

That’s because it’s not a sport, it’s a practice, something you do habitually and eventually improve on.

In an overly competitive world, people may have the tendency to impose a competitive spirit onto yoga and think that being the most flexible in class is something to value. Let me tell ya — it’s not.

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We’re Starving After Our Workouts, Too

Ever finish a class at Mixx Yoga and suddenly want to eat everything in sight? Yup. That’s your body craving to get back all the energy you burned getting your butt kicked.

The problem is, if you’re not smart about how you refuel after working out, you might actually work against yourself and the 60minutes of HIIT you just did.

We have some tips for your post-work out meals.

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What the Heck is a Vinyasa?

When I tell my students to “go through a vinyasa” in class, I get a few looks of confusion.

Sure, Vinyasa is a style of yoga, one that involves smooth transitions between poses matched with breathing.

But, it also refers to a specific sequence of poses that takes you from Plank to Downward Facing Dog. Let me walk you through it:

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Inversions Don’t Have to be Scary

When you think of “inversions,” you might envision Instagram yogis doing fancy handstands that look cool. But they may also look like a trip to the doctor’s office, if you actually tried them yourself.

But handstands, shoulder-stands, and any other “-stands” aren’t the only inversions that exist. There are plenty of poses you probably already do that count as inversions.

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