Obesity Help National Conference 2016

Obesity Help National Conference 2016
Anaheim, California
Hyatt Regency Anaheim Convention Center


5:00 AM. Alarm goes off! Review gentle yoga sequence. Anxious already. Pranayama to ease it. These people need me to pretend I have it together even though I’m pouncing out of bed!

6:30AM. Arrive at Hyatt Convention Center. Staff is already bustling to set up; they are as excited as I am!

6:50AM. Start shaking hands and meeting new faces. Already moved by the sense of community; I know this is going to be an amazing group. Miss Kalila arrives and puts up our posters!

7:00AM. Giant table in the middle of the room has to be moved because there are SO. MANY. PEOPLE. Students are spilling their mats into the hallways to squeeze in.

7:05AM. Introduction. Start in savasana. Practice belly breath. Ahhhhh.

7:30AM. I use an analogy of using your butt to clean out an ice cream bowl to cue a hip rotation exercise. Testing the water to see if I can be my weird self. It’s well received! Yoga can be silly, too!

7:40AM. I use an analogy of reaching under the couch to cue thread the needle pose. I’m quietly amazed at how well this group breathes audibly together. They have mastered the ujjayi breath and we haven’t even had a full hour together!

7:50AM. Back to savasana. The speakers work perfectly and there is hardly any noise outside the room. We finish seated with our hands in prayer. Namaste.

8:00AM. I am struck by the courage these men and women brought to their mats. 7 or 8 students approach afterwards and ask for different poses they can do for specific muscle groups, digestion, or stress. Some even share their incredible success stories and struggles. I am completely inspired.

What a wonderful start to a Saturday morning! Thank you, Obesity Help!!

Your Guide to Mixx Yoga Outdoors

YOGA By THE BEACH: Corona Del Mar Lookout Point

Join us every Saturday for the rest of the summer at Corona Del Mar Lookout point where we will be hosting a Mixx Yoga class by the Beach!

What to do After

Grab some tacos and beers with your fellow yogis. It’s still the weekend, leave the quinoa for Monday.