How long have you been practicing?

2 and a half years


What keeps you returning to your mat?

The feeling of calm after every class. Also the amazing workout.


Favorite pose?

Bird of paradise


Favorite Mixx class to teach?

I have only been teaching teaser, so teaser.


Most interesting/memorable experience as a teacher?

Just watching people grow and mature in their practice.


Favorite gentle/calming music?

Anything Celine Dion or Lara Fabian


Favorite cardio music?

French hip-hop, Sia or RuPaul.


Favorite music to flow to?



Best savasana relaxation tip?

Stop thinking!!!


Favorite essential oil to use in class AND/OR personally?



Favorite place to practice?

Mixx or my backyard.


Describe your teaching style in three words.

Sassy, sweaty and


What sets Mixx apart from other studios?

You feel like a part of something and that you’re not just a number.


Any advice for beginners?

No one is looking at you. Everyone is focusing on their own practice.



Lake Forest, CA


If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you?

Pictures of my family, a journal to write in and