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Meet Kris and Get Inspired

Over the past 3 years, we have been honored to empower many inspirational instructors, and we look forward to doing more of that in our upcoming teacher training program!


Today, we want you to meet one of the stars born out of last year’s program, Kris Hornburg: A woman with a heart of gold, the spirit of a true warrior, and the coolest shoes. We asked Kris a few things about herself, because we want you to love her as much as we do! 😍

What drew you to teaching?
Deciding to take a leap into the unknown and facing certain fears head-on. When I signed up for Teacher Training at Mixx, I had NO intention of ever teaching but Mitra, Sahara, and my wonderful classmates gave me a “why not you?” push.


Why Mixx?
The no-corporate atmosphere, the come as you are attitude, the “there’s room for everybody and every style.” At Mixx, You Matter, You Belong. And it’s just the most damn fun “Mixx” of movement – whether you’re up and pushing the edges, or lying flat on your back and pondering the insides of your eyelids.


What will students encounter in your classes?

We love Kris not just for her beautiful presence in the studio, but also because her amazing taste in shoe wear is unrivaled.

Another student much like themselves who just happens to have her mat at the front of the room. In my classes, I hope you will encounter the never-ending evolution of self, and the openness to express yourself in your own way, making the poses your own. Oh, and always ab work!


How would you describe your teaching style?
Honestly, still developing. I go to quite a few other teachers’ classes because: 1) I love practicing yoga, 2) The Mixx staff is the most diverse in style and exploration, which means 3) I learn a tremendous amount from each and every Mixx instructor.


When can people take your class?
Vinyasa Flow Level 1: 10:30am on Tuesdays
Gentle: 10:30am on Thursdays

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