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Our New Class Takes Your Body and Mind on a Journey

Mixx Flow & Meditate will make you look inward.

Take one — or all — of our six classes, each centered around a different mental or emotional goal and combined with workouts and poses that support those goals physically. This, plus the meditation segment is designed to help you recognize and clear whatever’s been holding you back from being who you want to be.

You will learn to focus on you and your own story, let down defenses and open your heart, and find your power and your source of gratitude.

It all comes together in the the final class which will put all the outer and inner work of the past 6 weeks to use, allowing for the emergence of a new, more intentional you.

It will make you sweat.

As with any class with “Mixx” in the name, this class will include a blend of Vinyasa Flow yoga and HIIT cardio. You’ll sweat out your stress and learn to breathe through the struggle, literally and figuratively.

It will make you  s t r e t c h.

Following the blend of yoga and cardio will be relaxing gentle stretches to take care of your muscles and slow down your mind, priming you for a physical and mental meditation with a specific theme. While we lead your body through easy flows, your mind will reflect inward.


It will empower you.

If knowledge is power, then learning more about yourself will strengthen you. With a different meditation theme in each class, you’ll get the opportunity to learn what affects your strengths, habits, and moods.

Additionally, through your practice, you’ll begin to realize how movement affects mood and well-being and can take that new knowledge with you to enrich your daily life.


It will envelop all the senses.

Each class’ meditation theme is matched with an essential oil scent and music playlist, making your body-and-mind workout a more complete experience.


Are you ready?

This is a 6-week series of 90-minute classes designed to nourish your soul as much as your body. The first class starts Sunday, October 15 9-10:30am.


Mixx Flow & Meditate classes start Sunday, October 15, 9-10:30am. They will run each week through Sunday, November 19.

Location: Mixx Yoga Studio

Cost: $5 

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